Entrepreneurial Development



Entrepreneurial Development 1.0 - Local Living Economies

  1. Fairfield First! Buy Local Program

  2. Local Food Economy

  3. Local Renewable Energy Strategies

  4. Retail Revitalization

  5. Turning Main Street Stores into e-commerce powerhouses

  6. Financing Retail businesses

  7. Waste2Energy strategies      

Entrepreneurial Development 2.0 - Innovation Networks

  1. Open sourced Entrepreneurial development

  2. Types of entrepreneurs

  3. Best kinds of assistance

  4. Power of collective wisdom

  5. Networking and Mentoring Programs

  6. Power Teams

  7. Idea Bounces

Entrepreneurial Development 3.0 - Creating a Stronger Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

  1. Alternative Financing Options

  2. Nano-loan and micro-enterprise loan programs

  3. Community-based equity investment funds

  4. Mentoring services

  5. Innovation Centers

Entrepreneurial Development 4.0 - Competitive and Market Intelligence

  1. Economic Gardening Hot Spots - Fairfield Public Library

  2. Data-driven marketing

  3. Direct response marketing

  4. Ten Commandments of Online Marketing and Usability

  5. New and Social Media

• Market Research

• Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  

Entrepreneurial Development 5.0 - Business Retention and Expansion

Moving 2nd Stage Companies From “Good to Great”

Peer networking strategies


Entrepreneurial Development 6.0 - Community Branding

  1. How Fairfield became known for Silicorn Valley, entrepreneurial capital of Iowa, more restaurants per capita than San Francisco and Follywood

  2. Finding your sweet spot

  3. Generating community support

  4. Events and awards

Entrepreneurial Development 7.0 -  Connecting Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship

  1.   Why Fairfield is the number one community in Iowa for per-capita giving

  2.   Entrepreneurial Development Trust

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