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  1. The national percentage of college graduates is 24.4%

  2. Iowa - 21.2%

  3. Jefferson County -  38.2%

  1. The national percentage of high school graduates is 80.4%.

  2. State of Iowa - 86.1%.

  3. Jefferson County - 88.1%.

Unique Regional Resources to Leverage

  1. The Fairfield Entrepreneurs Association is considered one of the most successful peer networking and support         organizations for entrepreneurs, of any city, since its formation in 1989.  Fairfield, Iowa is considered one of the most successful rural entrepreneurial communities in the U.S.  It has quickly moved up the ranks of per capita income of Iowa counties from the 50th rank of in 1990 to 18th today. Jefferson County is the number one county in     Iowa for philanthropy, and in the top five counties nationwide.

  2. Fairfield has attracted nearly $300 million in venture capital investment, one-third of Iowa's total, over the last twenty years.  The result has been nearly 5,000 new jobs spread over 60 companies. In contrast, San Diego attracted $550 million for 200 companies in a similar time frame as part of their Connect Program. San Diego, however, is 138 times larger than Fairfield and much closer to venture capital markets.

  3. Fairfield has been referred to as Silicorn Valley, “Entrepreneurial Capital of Iowa” and is Iowa's newest Great Place. Fairfield boasts more Inc. 500 companies than any other city its size. Fairfield is known to have more restaurants, per capita, than San Francisco.

  4. Fairfield is home to Maharishi University of Management. Enrollment has doubled in the last three years and the students population represents sixty-five countries.

  5. Fairfield has received national and state awards for entrepreneurship from the National Council of Small Communities and the Community Vitality Center. It was a finalist for the Northwest Area Foundation 2008 Great Strides award. The Fairfield Entrepreneur Association has mentored over forty communities in seventeen states and has been host of the National Rural Entrepreneurial Gatherings over the past six years. These are intensive peer learning workshops that allow participants to share best practices on rural entrepreneurship.

  6. in 2011, the first magazine on economic gardening, asset quilting and the power of the entrepreneurial class was published in Fairfield. The Fairfield Edge magazine contains profiles of over 40 local businesses and organizations and describes the competitive edge of operating in Fairfield’s rich entrepreneurial climate.

You may order a copy of the Fairfield Edge magazine for $10.00 (postage included.)  Just click on the image below.

Fairfield Entrepreneurs Association

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